Windows are more prone to damage than walls because they are thinner and less insulated. However, they play a huge role in your home’s energy efficiency, comfort and protection.

Learn about the most common window issues found during home inspections from one of the most trusted window and roof replacement companies, Abby Windows & Exteriors.

Condensation Between Glass Panes

Multi-pane windows that are in good shape resist thermal transfer. When the window seal gets broken, the gas between the panes will escape, causing condensation. It will make your windows look unsightly and become inefficient.

Damaged or Missing Window Glazing

Glazing secures the edges of an older glass windowpane and keeps it in place. Over time, the glazing can harden, crack and chip. This will leave gaps around the glass and cause air leaks. While many use caulk or silicone to fix the problem, they aren’t made to fill the gaps. Usually, a broken seal indicates your window has reached the end of its life and needs replacement.

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Flashing Defects

Flashing is an aluminum or galvanized steel material that keeps water from entering your home. Missing, damaged and improperly installed flashing can allow moisture to seep indoors. It can result in a rotted window frame, drywall and siding damage and structural damage.

Broken Sash Cords in Double-Hung Windows

Older homes are likely to have windows that are painted shut, bottom sashes that need a prop to stay up, sashes that shut on their own, and top and bottom sashes nailed out. Over time, the cotton cording in beaks, making older windows harder to operate.

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