Considering a new window replacement? Not all windows are built the same. Considering the features of the window style you install helps you maximize the amount of ventilation, operation, and sunlight you introduce to your space. Let’s explore some of the most common window styles.

Awning Window Installation

Awning windows have top hinges, allowing them to open from the bottom. These are often seen in basements and rainy climates.

  • Pros: The structure of the window makes it difficult for intruders to get in. They can provide airflow even during rainy days.
  • Cons: Awning windows do not bring in as much airflow as other windows and require maintenance for smooth operation.

Bow Window Installation

Bow windows consist of multiple windows placed together, extending outwards of the house. Bow windows are commonly placed in family or living rooms.

  • Pros: Bow windows add an architectural feature to any home and provide great views. They can make a space feel bigger.
  • Cons: Due to the customization these windows require, they tend to cost more than other types.

Casement Window Installation

Hinged casement windows use a crank to open horizontally. Casement windows are usually placed in kitchens and second-floor rooms.

  • Pros: The crank system allows for fresh air flow when needed. They are strong insulators of drafts and sound.
  • Cons: While the crank system makes these windows a safe choice, they can be harder to open than others.

Double-Hung Window Installation

The double-hung window features two sashes that move vertically. Double-hung windows are often seen in traditional-style homes.

  • Pros: The two operable sashes provide greater airflow. This also allows you to clean both sides of the window without having to go outside.
  • Cons: These windows require maintenance so that they open and close steadily.

Garden Window Installation

Garden windows extend outwards of the house. Many people add shelving to their garden windows and use them as an indoor kitchen herb garden.

  • Pros: Garden windows bring in plenty of light and act as a perfect indoor greenhouse.
  • Cons: Garden windows require enough outdoor space to install them.

Slider Window Installation

Slider windows slide open horizontally to allow for plenty of air. Slider windows are placed in rooms that need ventilation while providing uninterrupted views.

  • Pros: Slider windows can easily be opened and provide plenty of bright light.
  • Cons: Slider tracks require constant upkeep.

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