Your gutters are one of the core components of your home, and it’s important to pick the best one for your needs. If you constantly have a soggy yard or a damp basement, then French drains are one of the best solutions for your needs. In this post, one of the trusted gutter and roof replacement companies, Abby Windows, discusses further. 

What Is a French Drain?

A “French” drain could sound like a flamboyant fixture, but in fact, it’s nothing more than a refined gravel-lined ditch with an integrated pipe to carry water away from your home safely. It differs from gutters since they collect precipitation as it runs off your roof. French drains handle it from the ground level.

For example, after a heavy rainstorm, your gutter and siding contractors will warn you that water might pond in a low spot on your property, such as your yard. Your French drain will help reroute the water to prevent this issue from occurring.

Ideal Wet Basement Solution

French drains are a great solution for basements that get water through the foundation, getting their nickname, “wet” basements. The water presses against the foundation and finds its way through. When you have a French drain, this is no longer an issue since the foundation will be rerouted and deposited somewhere else. If you find out that water still builds up after setting up adequate outdoor drainage, then you might have to install a French drain indoors as well. You’ll need to cut a trench in your basement slab on the foundation. Lay a pipe in the trench and install a sump pump to allow water to move from your interior to the exterior.

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