When it comes to your siding installation, it's important that you choose the best material possible. The ideal siding enhances the curb appeal of your home as well as protects your exterior walls from outside elements. There is a wide variety of siding materials to choose from, such as new composite siding and traditional wood siding.  

Composite and wood sidings are one of the most popular choices among homeowners. To help you decide which siding material to install for your home, take the time to read this article from Abby Windows, home to quality siding and roofing contractors

Composite Siding 

One of the many reasons why homeowners choose synthetic composite siding is due to its fire resistance. It can also be integrated with highly effective insulation and moisture barriers to protect your home. Here are some important things to consider:

  • Lifespan. Most composite siding can last for over 30 years. With regular proper maintenance, it can even last longer than that. 

  • Aesthetics. Composite siding also makes it easier for you to show off your personality. It comes in different colors, designs and textures. You may even want to match the color of your roofing and siding to boost your home's appearance. 

  • Installation. During installation, synthetic materials release fine dust particles into the air, which can irritate the lungs. As such, if you choose composite siding, be sure to hire trained siding contractors

Wood Siding

On the other hand, wood siding has been around for a long time. With proper care, it can last for generations. Due to their classic look, they are usually used on historic homes. Wood siding also has many different forms, from horizontal lap boards to plywood siding. Read on to learn more about wood siding:

  • Durability. Cedar is the wood of choice for siding. Although it's costly, cedar is naturally weather- and insect-resistant. It also does not require any additional chemical treatments during installation. 

  • Maintenance. One of the downsides to real wood siding is proper maintenance. It's recommended that painted wood siding should be repainted every five years and that stained or clear-coated cedar be refinished more often than that. 

  • Cost. Initially, wood siding may be more affordable than composite. However, summing up the maintenance cost, the repairs, and other expenses make it more expensive. 

Choosing the ideal siding material for your home is a big decision. As such, be sure to select a siding material worth your investment.

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