The main function of your downspouts is to direct water runoff away from your home, especially your foundation and basement. It’s important for these areas to be kept from prolonged exposure to water. Otherwise, structural issues or damage may occur. That said, if you notice that your downspouts aren’t working like they should, you should call a trusted professional to check on the problem. 

Typically, issues with downspouts occur because of clogging, insufficient downspouts or incorrect downspout size. Abby Windows, one of the area’s most reputable gutter and roof replacement companies, shares some tips below on how to troubleshoot these common downspout problems.


When water is spilling over the edges of your gutters during a downpour, it could be because of a buildup in your downspouts. Clogging prevents water from flowing through your gutter system and being discharged through the downspouts. Typically, blockages occur when leaves, twigs and other debris accumulate inside the gutters or downspouts. The best thing to do is to call a professional to get rid of the blockage and to ensure rainwater won’t pool near your basement or home’s foundation. Then, to prevent the issue from happening again, make sure to have your gutter system cleaned on a regular basis.

Not Enough Downspouts

It’s crucial to have the right number of downspouts installed on your home because this ensures that there are enough channels through which water could flow. Gutter replacement contractors take accurate measurements of the roof line and consider the size of the roof and the average local rainfall in order to determine the appropriate number of downspouts for every home. If your existing downspouts are too few, your contractor can simply add some more to ensure there are enough to handle the runoff.

Incorrect Downspout Size

The size of your downspouts is also another essential factor that would help the entire system function properly. If your current downspouts cannot handle the volume of water that your gutter system normally deals with, it would be best to switch to a bigger size. Downspouts that are too small usually have a higher risk of clogging. Meanwhile, downspouts that are too small can cause water to be discharged close to your home’s foundation. In this case, you can opt for downspout extensions to ensure the proper length for your downspouts.

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