Finding the perfect window for your home has never been easier. With a wide array of styles, colors, designs and features, you can find one that really matches your specific requirements. But one important factor that you shouldn’t forget to consider is the size of the window. 

Window size can have an impact on the efficiency of your windows. To help you determine the right window size for your home, below are some tips from established window companies:

Check Standard Window Sizes

A quick look at window options and you’ll find that windows come in standard sizes. To know if these standard window sizes will fit your home, have a professional measure your existing window openings. It’s necessary for your new windows to fit right in the existing openings in your home so as to ensure there will be no gaps through which air could escape or enter your indoor space. If your window openings do not match the standard sizes, you’ll need to opt for custom windows instead.

Ensure Window Size Is Appropriate for the Floor Area

Window replacement companies will also need to look into the total floor area of the room where the windows will be installed. Your new windows should be proportionate to the space so as to prevent too much sunlight and too much heat from affecting your indoor comfort.

Typically, if windows are facing north, their size can go up to 15-25% of the total floor area. If the windows are facing east or south, their size should not go more than 15% of the total floor area. Lastly, for windows facing west, their size should not exceed 10% of the total floor area.

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