Spring and summer are usually the most preferred time for home improvement projects, including window replacement. But since these are considered peak seasons for remodeling and construction projects, you might encounter some difficulties during these times.

Window Replacement

That said, Abby Windows, one of the area’s established window and gutter replacement contractors, suggests scheduling your window replacement project in the fall. By doing so, you can take advantage of the following:

Ideal Weather Condition

It’s neither too hot nor too cold during autumn, and rain also happens less often than in spring or summer. These conditions make fall an ideal season for installing windows. Take note that the window replacement process involves the removal of old windows and possibly the repair of rotted wood. These steps would have to be done before your contractor can install the new windows, so there will be a period when your home will actually be windowless. Of course, this will likely affect the comfort in your home since your interior will be susceptible to the weather or temperature outside. Furthermore, caulk usually adheres better in warm weather — not hot. Latex-type caulk, for instance, requires 40 to 80 degrees to create the proper seal.

Optimal Scheduling

Much like roof replacement companies, window contractors are usually at full capacity during their busiest seasons. Fall can still be fairly busy, but you’ll be able to schedule a job more quickly during this time of the year. Also, timing your window replacement project in the fall allows you to prepare your home for winter. Old, drafty windows can be a nuisance once the winter season arrives, and they can also affect your home’s energy efficiency. Better get rid of them before the chilly and frosty weather becomes the norm.

Competitive Deals

Window companies usually come up with promotional offers and financing deals during fall, as they try to ramp up sales before business slows down in the winter. So if you’re keen on getting the best value for your window replacement project, you might want to wait for these seasonal promos. 

Abby Windows is known for its top-notch workmanship in various home improvement projects. Whether you’re looking for home insulation contractors or window replacement experts, you can rest assured that our team will provide you with excellent services. Call us at (414) 209-0404 or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation.