Roof replacement can create a lot of mess on your lawn, as old materials — such as damaged shingles and nails — will have to be removed before new roofing can be installed. While it’s common for roofing contractors to offer cleanup services after the job is completed, you might want to take some measures to reduce the debris and make sure your garden and home exterior are protected.

Roof Installation

Abby Windows, one of the most trusted roof and door replacement companies in the area, shares a few things that you can do to keep your garden from being damaged during a roof installation.

Identify What Needs to Be Protected

Take note of the things around your home that might need protection. Typically, these would include vegetable gardens, children’s play areas, pools, etc. If you have flower beds or newly planted areas, make sure to cover these up before the roof installation starts.

If you have new entry doors, windows or siding, make sure these parts of your home are also going to be protected from old roofing materials that might drop from your rooftop.

Find a Good Location for the Trash Bin

Ensure the trash bin is placed at an optimal spot to allow for the best flow of old roofing materials off your roof. Typically, this would mean your driveway, so pay attention to the current condition of your driveway and make sure it will be protected throughout the project. You can use protective plywood sheets on your driveway to ensure the area isn’t dented, scraped or damaged. It’s also a good idea to put some plywood under the full pallets of shingles to prevent yard or driveway damage. 

Place Tarps Over Your Lawn

Cover the areas immediately below the work area to protect them from falling debris. If you have smaller plants in the area, make sure to cover them with tarps as well. Don’t forget to secure the tarps and check wind forecasts. Your pool, for instance, may be at a safe distance from the work zone. However, winds can sometimes easily blow debris towards it, so it’s best to be prepared for such eventualities.

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