When it comes to gutters, correct installation is as important as the quality of materials. Knowing how to properly install gutters, whether K-style or half-round, will not only help waste less time and effort but also cut down maintenance costs. In this post, top-rated siding contractors share some of the best practices for gutter installation.

5 Best Practices for Gutter Installation
  1. Join gutter sections on the ground. It is easier and more convenient to assemble your gutter ends from the ground than while standing on top of a ladder. After joining your gutter system, the contractor can simply make adjustments as needed when on the ladder.

  2. Use good-quality snippers. A good pair of snippers is incredibly helpful for any household task at hand. You can expect a professional gutter installer to use a quality pair to cut cleanly and effectively.

  3. Remember the ¼” for every 10 feet for slope. For roofing contractors, creating a correct slope is one of the essential methods to eliminate water from the system and direct it toward the drainage. For every 10 feet of the system, each gutter should be sloped toward the downspout at an angle of ¼-inch.

  4. Use screws to install downspouts. Instead of using standard rivets, use screws when installing downspouts. This fastening tool makes it easier to take off downspouts when cleaning out debris and other blockages.

  5. Clean up after the installation. An experienced gutter installer understands the importance of post-installation cleanup. He or she will throw refuse materials and other supplies into proper dumpster locations. This will leave you not only with an efficient gutter system but also a great impression of the contractor.

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