If there have been tiny rocks appearing on your gutters, immediately call for help. Have you wondered how this affects your systems? The home insulation contractors of Abby Windows will explain it here.

Shingle Sediments

Understanding Shingle Granules

It is worth noting that when roof manufacturers produce asphalt shingles, mineral granules are embedded into the surface outside. These create the color of the shingles and protect them from harmful UV rays from the sun. They make your roof more durable, fire-resistant and give your asphalt shingles longevity.

With proper granule coverage, your system can endure the constant beating that the elements give it each year. However, over time, your roofing shingles lose these protective granules as they get washed away by the rain where most of them end up in your gutters.

How Do Shingle Granules In Your Gutters Affect Your System?

Roof replacement companies will tell you that when newly installed, it is normal for the roof to shed some of these granules. But following a storm, you may see an influx of these ceramic-coated minerals, which can be caused by heavy rain or hail beating down on the roof.

If the granules loss is nonstop and tiny rocks are accumulating in your gutters and coming out of your downspouts in excessive amounts, that’s the best time to call for help. Your roof may need immediate replacement should you notice that your asphalt shingle roof looks spotty or bare in certain areas. Ensure to call a professional contractor to take a closer look at your roof before other signs of damage like leaks or mold occur.

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