Sometimes, you might put off a siding replacement if you see that your home’s exteriors still look fine. But as one of the best expert siding and roof replacement companies, we understand how certain types of damage and deterioration won’t always be visible. If you don’t replace your siding when needed, it will mean higher costs for you over time!

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To help you determine if a replacement is needed, Abby Windows discusses what you need to look for:

Faded Exterior Colors

Most types of siding are manufactured to have their colors last almost as long as their expected lifespan. If you notice that the colors of your siding seem to be faded, then it may be time for a replacement. This can also indicate that its weather resistance and insulation are also at the end of its lifespan and are incapable of protecting your home from the outdoor elements.

Warped/Rotten Siding

Another way to determine if you need to have your siding replaced is to look for signs of warping and rot on your home’s exteriors. Some types of damage won’t always be apparent, so use a screwdriver to poke underneath warped siding and check if it’s soft or rotten. Any signs of damage should be repaired by professional siding and gutter replacement contractors, but if it’s found in several parts of your home’s exterior, it may be better to get it fully replaced.

Higher Monthly Energy Bills 

If you don’t notice any immediate damage to your siding, then you might want to check your energy bills in the last few months. You may also want to check whether you have drafts near the walls, switches, windows and other electrical equipment. If this is the case, then the insulation from your siding may be compromised. Rising energy bills can also indicate your siding’s underperformance, so consider a full replacement.

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