Have you ever wondered how you’ll benefit from natural ventilation? It’s only effective when you know how to harness it with your home’s openings, but it works best if the air has clear and unobstructed pathways that it can pass through your home. Many professional window companies also promote natural ventilation as a way to not be too dependent on your HVAC system and improve your home’s energy efficiency. Our team at Abby Windows share more insight:

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How Does Natural Ventilation Work?

Natural and passive ventilation makes use of windows, doors, louvers, vents and other openings to let fresh air pass through your home. This also lets stale air out and keeps your home’s interiors cool and comfortable. But you can’t just open all your windows and doors, as you need to consider the size and placement of your home’s openings if you want to properly guide the air through your home.

Factors to Consider 

  • The Local Climate - Depending on where you live, you might benefit more from natural ventilation with your doors and windows. For instance, if you live in temperate climates, then there will be some days or seasons where you’ll easily let in untreated air. If you live in an area that tends to be windy, then you’ll benefit greatly from natural ventilation

  • Your Budget - Another factor to consider is how much you’re willing to spend on improving your home’s natural ventilation. You might also want additional features for your window installation such as solar film or better sealing, which may cost more. Consult with one of your trusted window replacement companies to know what the best options are based on your needs and budget.

Other Tips to Keep in Mind

Good natural ventilation starts by knowing which openings should be utilized to create a proper pathway for air to go through. Make sure to open your windows on the south and east sides as they can allow the cool breeze to come into your home early during the day. The north and west side windows that are placed higher or on the upper floors should also stay open to keep the air moving. The vents on the upper floors and your roof will also help with natural ventilation, and will even let the heat escape as it rises.

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