Gutters are essential in preventing water damage to your roof, siding, foundation and landscaping. When installed correctly and maintained properly, your gutters will last for decades. However, weather extremes and incidents, such as fallen ladders and debris can cause significant damage to your gutters. When that happens, you want to contact local gutter replacement contractors.

gutter inspection

Continue reading to learn how you can determine if you need new gutters for your home.

Your Gutters Are Sagging

Water will pool in some areas of your gutters and even overflow to your siding if the gutter system is not pitched properly. You will know you need a gutter replacement if the system has started to sag.

There Are Many Broken Fasteners

Fasteners hold your gutters in place and keep them secure to the house. You can have a few broken fasteners repaired, but if they keep breaking, it could be that your gutters are the issue. Several damaged fasteners call for a professional gutter inspection. At Abby Windows, we’re here to assist with your gutter replacement needs. As one of the area’s leading gutter and roof replacement companies, you can count on us for superior home exterior services.

Your Gutters Are Pulling Away From the Roof

You will notice that your gutters are pulling away from the roof if fasteners keep on breaking. If gaps still appear between the roofline and gutters, the fascia board will become prone to rotting. During a gutter replacement, your contractor can address the fascia damage and give you new and efficient gutters.

Your Basement Floods

An inefficient gutter system will not safely divert water away from your home, causing rainwater to leak into your foundation and basement. If you are having your basement repaired, you may also want to have your gutters checked to determine what’s causing the flooding.

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