In almost all cases, your local window replacement companies can offer you great standard replacement windows to meet whatever your home needs. However, there are some situations when standard windows simply do not fit at all. In these cases, a custom specialty window might be your best choice.

Specialty Windows

Specialty windows can have all the performance features of any regular replacement window but what sets them apart is that they can also be made especially for corners and spaces that may be too oddly-shaped or awkward to hold a standard window. Our experts at Abby Windows offer these other ways a specialty window can help your exterior remodel.


With standard windows, window installation contractors are often limited by size availability. When the opening in your home is larger than the stock sizes, contractors will have to fill, patch, and repaint the gap left behind. With a custom specialty window, contractors can order a replacement that is 100% right for your opening, giving you superior aesthetics without affecting the rest of your home’s style.

Energy Efficiency

The made-to-fit quality of specialty windows mean there are fewer opportunities for potential leaks to occur as well. Leaks can be the number one performance issue in many replacement windows which is why proper sizing is very important. A tight fitting specialty window can help reduce air leaks and heat loss, maintaining, if not improving, your overall energy efficiency.


Because there is no need for window companies to “right-size” a specialty window, installation can be done quickly and more efficiently. The advantage to this is that you’ll be getting much lower labor and installation costs while, at the same time, have your window replacement finished faster. A correctly sized specialty window will also require less materials during installation, saving you a little bit of money as well.

At Abby Windows, we offer standard and custom specialty replacement windows for all your needs. Give us a call at (414) 209-0404 or fill out our contact form to schedule a design consultation and request a free estimate today.