One of the most common problems roofing and gutter replacement contractors often deal with during winter is ice damming. As hot and humid air from inside your home naturally rises, it often gets trapped in the attic where it causes snow on the roof to melt. This melted snow flows down to the eaves only to refreeze near your gutters, creating a “dam” that prevents proper drainage for your roof.


Aside from ice dam formation, attics are also one of the greatest causes of heat loss in many homes. This can reduce the performance of your roofing system in general and, as a result, drive up your heating bills. Thankfully, you can address this problem with one simple solution: attic insulation. Let our experts at Abby Windows show you why it pays to properly insulate your attic space.


Energy Efficiency


If your local roof replacement companies offer or recommend attic insulation in addition to their usual roofing services, it’s safe to say that these are professionals who know what they’re doing. Adequate attic insulation is a hallmark of an energy-efficient home. This, combined with proper ventilation, can also protect the structure of your roof against moisture-related problems.


The Right Type of Insulation


Attic space is often irregularly shaped so there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to applying insulating foam. The following types are a few of the most commonly used insulation in attic spaces.

  • Loose-fill insulation has R-values between R2 and R4. Fiberglass offers the highest insulation ratings. This type of insulation is easily installed and generally cheap, although their performance can lower over time.

  • Batt and roll insulation is another common type of insulation that’s perfect for attics, offering stable R-values that do not change like their loose-fill counterparts. Batt and roll fibers are best installed by professional home insulation contractors as it can cause irritation when exposed to skin.


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