Apart from your roofing system and landscaping, your siding also plays a major role in improving your home’s curb appeal. In fact, it can make or break the appeal of your property. As such, it’s understandable if you want to mix up your siding to give your home a unique look. Luckily, experts say that it is in fact possible to accomplish this.

In this post, the siding and

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of Abby Windows give tips on how you can mix up your home’s siding materials and profiles.

Choose Siding With Different Textures

One way you can mix things up with your home’s siding materials and profiles is to choose two siding with different textures. That way, you can give your home a unique look and feel. To accomplish this, experts recommend that you consider using a siding with a smooth finish on one part of the house and a siding with a rugged appearance on the other.

Use Different Colors

Apart from using siding with different textures, you can also switch things up with your siding by using a color palette of at least three different hues. By doing so, you can accentuate the walls, roof, and accents of your home. Other than that,

siding contractors

say that the use of two different colors will also help signify the change in material, highlighting the distinctiveness of the two siding systems that you used.

Play With Profiles

Alternatively, you can also consider playing with the siding profiles to mix things up for your home’s exterior. According to professionals, one way to accomplish a playful profile for your home is by using horizontal planks on the first floor and using shakes or scallops on the second.

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