When it comes to the topic of your home’s windows, most homeowners tend to think it’s just there to further improve your home’s aesthetic appeal. While that is indeed one of the purposes of your windows, there is another use for them: home ventilation. And according to experts, some windows can ventilate your home better than others.

In this post, Abby Windows, one of the country’s best window companies, lists the four best windows to use to improve your home’s ventilation.
  • Bow and Bay Windows - Bow and bay windows are large windows that take up a lot of space in your home and are arranged as a single unit. While it has a large, fixed window in the middle, it is flanked by two, smaller windows that can be opened and closed. These side windows can easily catch breezes in two different directions, allowing you to maximize your home’s ventilation.
  • Sliding Windows - When it comes to using windows to improve your home’s ventilation, the sliding window isn’t always considered as the best. After all, you can only open half of the window, preventing you from allowing as much air as you want into your home. However, while they aren’t at the top of the list, they’re still the best choice for rooms that have a limited indoor and outdoor opening space as they can still let some air in without having to open out or into your home.
  • Casement Windows - On the other hand, if you wanna maximize your home’s ventilation as much as possible, then consider having your window installation contractors install casement windows in your home. Unlike the previous two, this window can be opened out with a crank or motor and due to the way they open, you have almost complete control over your home’s ventilation.
  • Double-Hung Windows - Double-hung windows are the windows often seen in most American homes. This is due to their beautiful and classic aesthetic that can improve a home’s curb appeal. In terms of home ventilation, however, they’re also one of the best windows to use as they promote better air circulation. In fact, if you open both the bottom and top sashes, you can simultaneously push stale air out of your home and allow fresh air in, improving your home’s indoor air quality as a result.
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