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say that a window replacement is one of the most significant home improvement projects that you can do for your home. After all, if done right, it can drastically improve both your energy efficiency and curb appeal. When it comes to replacing windows, however, some homeowners are plagued with one question: should all their windows match?

Here, Abby Windows discusses whether or not your windows need to match one another.

Do All My Windows Need to Match One Another?

According to

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, the answer to this question is “no”. While you’re more than free to make your windows match, they don’t necessarily have to. In fact, experts say that so long as your windows are consistent in how they’re treated when it comes to the basic type, grille pattern, and trim, then it can handle variations when it comes to quantity and style.

Rules When Replacing Your Windows

When you’re replacing your windows, there are two rules that you have to follow. The first is that you shouldn’t be bound by tradition. This means that even if you live in a home that has a traditional architectural style, such as the Colonial or the Queen Anne, you don’t have to restrict yourself when it comes to your windows. This is because these homes have window designs that originated from a time when walls were not insulated, meaning you’re now more than free to shake things up when it comes to your windows.

The second rule that you should keep in mind is to keep comfort in mind. Your windows should respond to how the rooms are used as well as the orientation of your home when it comes to the sun and wind. By doing so, you can make your home aesthetically appealing and energy efficient at the same time.

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