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, you have two style choices to consider when you’re installing a new gutter system in your home: half-round gutters and K-style. Of the two, the K-style is the more popular variant as they’re designed to fit modern homes. Despite that, however, there may also be a few instances when you should pick half-round gutters over the K-style.

Here’s when you should install half-round gutters in your home.

When to Pick Half-Round Gutters Over K-Style

As stated before, the K-style gutters are usually made for modern homes. However, if you live in a house that was built prior to the 1950s, it’s best that you choose half-round gutters instead. This is because those homes have more rounded features, meaning that its symmetrical U-shape will complement the rounded features better than the K-style could. Apart from that, if you want to revive your old home’s historic look and design, then half-round gutters are the better choice apart from the K-style.

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Benefits of Half-Round Gutters

K-style gutters are widely used due to their various advantages. However, that doesn’t mean that half-round gutters don’t have benefits of their own. In fact, if you’re looking for a gutter system that won’t corrode quickly, then pick half-round gutters as their insides are smoother, preventing water from pooling in one place. This same smoothness also makes your gutters easier to clean as it allows debris to flow through the gutters more freely instead of getting caught on rough edges. This helps your gutter avoid clogs as a result.

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