Now that the spring season is approaching, gutter and

roof replacement companies

are advising homeowners to be alert whenever storms are approaching their area. This is because strong storms are a possible occurrence during this time of the year and without the proper preparations, your roof and gutters can easily be damaged by the weather.

Here are a few tips you can follow to help you maintain your gutters during the spring season.

Have the Gutter Inspected and Repaired

Now that the winter season is almost over, it’s highly recommended that you call a professional to inspect your home’s gutter system. After all, the previous season could have caused ice dams or general wear and tear on the system that could cause numerous problems for your home in the long run. By having your gutters inspected, they can determine if it sustained any damage and they can repair it immediately.

Clean the Gutters

Your gutters can easily accumulate unwanted debris in the form of leaves, twigs, seeds, or even pest nests. Unfortunately for homeowners,

gutter replacement contractors

say this can cause your gutters to clog during a storm and eventually cause moisture infiltration and damage to your roof. With that in mind, be sure to call a professional to have your gutters cleaned to prevent clogging.

Protect Your Gutters

Now that you’ve had your gutters cleaned, experts highly recommend that you take your maintenance project one step further by protecting the system from debris. To accomplish this, you can consider installing gutter guards on the system to minimize the amount of debris that falls in it, allowing you to further protect your gutters from potential clogging.

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