When you’re installing new entry doors in your home, you have a wide range of options on what you can install. However, if you’re looking for maximum benefits from the door replacement project, experts recommend that you install storm doors in your home. The reason why you should is because they can bring you numerous advantages, such as:

  1. Increased Curb Appeal - Looking to increase your home’s curb appeal? Storm doors can help you achieve just that. If you choose a storm door that perfectly matches or compliments your front door’s trim or sidelights, your curb appeal could greatly increase. Apart from that, if your curb appeal increases, it’s likely your home’s overall value will go up as well.  
  2. Protects the Exterior Door - Your home’s exterior door cost more compared to your storm door due to their special stains or paints. By installing a storm door on your home, you could help protect the exterior door from the elements and wind-blown debris, which in turn helps you reduce the costs of maintenance and allowing it to last longer.  
  3. Increases Energy Efficiency - On the other hand, if you’re looking to increase your home’s overall energy efficiency, then storm doors can also help you accomplish that as it gives an extra layer of protection that acts as a buffer between the summer heat or winter cold and your home. To install a storm door in your home, don’t hesitate to turn to Abby Windows, one of the country’s best door replacement companies.  
  4. Adds Home Security - Every homeowner wants to keep their home safe from would-be intruders. With storm doors, you can prevent them from entering your home as some storm doors are made with heavy duty steel frames that make it hard to force the door open.
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