When you’re installing

new patio doors

in your home, you can choose between two kinds: sliding and French doors. Unfortunately for some, choosing the right kind of patio door for your home can be a bit difficult. According to experts, however, when you’re choosing a new door for your home, make sure to look at the benefits that both variants can offer you, such as:


If you’re looking for a patio door that can help you make your home extra secure, then either sliding or French doors should work for you as they both have their own sets of locks to help you protect your home. For instance, sliding patio doors have dual point locks, which are two hooks that latch onto the door frame from the sash or sliding part of your door. French patio doors, on the other hand, have normal deadbolt locking systems.

Energy Efficiency

Every homeowner wants to reduce the costs of their monthly bills. Thankfully, both sliding and French doors can help you accomplish this as sliding doors have a wide expanse of glass that allows a significant amount of sunlight in, allowing you to reduce your reliance on artificial lighting. Meanwhile, French patio doors are traditionally better at retaining heat while keeping the cold out.

Nowadays, however, modern sliding doors are also manufactured to have tighter seals and do the same things that French patio doors can. To install sliding or French doors in your home, don’t hesitate to turn to Abby Windows, one of the country’s leading door replacement companies.

Aesthetic Appeal

Your patio doors can help you increase your home’s aesthetic appeal and by extension, its overall value. Luckily, both sliding and French patio doors can help you do this. This is because sliding patio doors can serve as frames for your home’s outdoor view. French patio doors, meanwhile, feature intricate grill work and details that make them look like art pieces that can be attached to your home.

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