Your personal preferences should still be a top priority when customizing your exteriors. Note, however, that they define your home’s curb appeal, so your design should focus on what's in style now. If you are looking to update your windows or siding, you may consider that “sleek and smooth” look. Read on Abby Windows & Exteriors, one of the leading siding contractors in the local area, takes a look at this growing trend.

The Versatility of a Smooth Home Exterior

Despite stone, brick and other traditional exteriors providing unique accents, today’s homeowners find sleeker and smoother siding choices more appealing. For one, they lend well to various aesthetics, whether it’s traditional or modern and can be easily paired with other design elements.

The modern farmhouse is an example of domestic architecture that features a sleek and smooth aesthetic. It merges the modern and the rustic to exude a cozy, homey feel. An updated ranch home, meanwhile, combines contemporary design with defined features to attain a more modern appearance.

The Importance of Siding

For many siding and roofing contractors, homeowners are now warming up to the idea of the home’s siding as a focal point, not just a mere accent. The demand for a sleek, modern look is brought about by the shift toward the cleaner and smoother style and away from the textured finish.

Fortunately, Abby Windows & Exteriors has the experience and know-how to help achieve a sleeker, smoother look for residential properties. We offer siding products from LP Building Solutions, which recently launched its SmartSide® Smooth Trim & Siding. This particular siding offers that desired clean appearance.

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