In most cases, roofing contractors don’t need to remove the insulation before a roof replacement. Your roofing insulation should remain untouched unless the decking is damaged.

Insulation Removed

Read on to learn when you need to have the insulation removed or replaced.

To Remove or Not?

A damaged decking may require new insulation. Your contractor may replace the insulation once the decking boards are removed. Homes with unfinished attics usually have fiberglass batts or blown insulation instead of rafter insulation.

Moreover, low-slope, flat or cathedral ceilings often have insulated roofing assemblies. For these structures, the contractor will expose the insulation while removing the shingles. It shouldn’t be a concern since most roofers know how to work with roofing insulation.

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Leaks & Your Roofing Insulation

With leaks come roof damage. You may not even notice any signs of water damage until the shingles are torn off. There is a chance that moisture has affected your insulation if you have a serious leak. The thermal properties of fiberglass insulation can be severely reduced when it gets wet. It can also cause mold to grow or make the insulation less effective.

Your roofer may also check if the boards are light and bouncy to see if you have plywood installed on your roof. Most roofers today use  ½” or 1” boards to make the roof stronger. Your contractor may recommend a replacement if you have older boards.

If that’s the case, the roofer will replace and repair decking pieces as needed. In the process, you may need new fiberglass batts, rigid insulation or blown-in insulation once the roof replacement is done.

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