Siding, roofing and window replacement companies are constantly on the look for exterior trends when the year starts. However, it’s also good to be up on the hottest trends so far and what to expect in the last few months of the year. It can help businesses provide better and timely services to their clients.

Find out how LP® SmartSide® addresses these trends.

Long-Lasting Looks & Materials

Longevity is the current top exterior trend of 2019. Consumers look for products and designs that are timeless, durable and last for a long time. According to manager for LP Building Solutions, Amy Pierce, the company’s siding products help homeowners achieve various looks for lasting curb appeal. The products are also made to give peace of mind with their advanced durability and longevity. At Abby Windows & Exteriors, we work with leading window companies and siding manufacturers to ensure you make the most of your investment.

Siding as a Focal Point

When it comes to siding materials, more homeowners are choosing brick and stone exteriors. Territory Sales Manager of the Southeast Region for LP Building Solutions, Craig Kuhnle, says that the increased preference in the said material may be because homeowners and builders look at siding as more of a focal point than an accent. LP SmartSide offers a wider selection of styles that consumers can mix, match and explore.

Smoother Appearance

It appears that homeowners are staying away from textured siding and choosing smoother surfaces. LP SmartSide Smooth Trim & Siding is one of the company’s biggest innovations. Its smooth, sleek finish accentuates the beauty of the Modern Farmhouse design. It creates a beautiful contrast to the natural finishes of the homestyle, striking balance between classic and modern.

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