Durability, design, ease of maintenance and cost-effectiveness—these are just some of the qualities homeowners look for while they’re looking for new siding. Of course, not a single type of siding possesses all of these qualities. However, one particular type comes close—vinyl siding.

There’s a reason why vinyl siding has remained the most popular choice among homeowners. It requires little upkeep, comes in a wide variety of colors, and is durable. But not all vinyl siding are equal. Some brands offer more features that can give you better value for your money.

Alside® is one of the biggest and most trusted names in the home improvement industry. Abby Windows & Exteriors, one of the top door installation contractors in the state, lists the vinyl siding options offered by Alside below.

Prodigy One-Piece Insulated Siding System

Gaps in the insulation foam are a common problem for most types of siding. Gaps and hollow spaces behind the siding are a favorite nesting spot for pests and other small animals. But thanks to Prodigy One-Piece siding’s panel design and pest-repelling features, you don’t have to worry about any of these. The secure interlocking panel design ensures there are no gaps in the siding’s 1½" thick insulation foam. A non-toxic additive has also been added to the siding to keep pests away.

Charter Oak Energy Elite Insulated Siding 

Vinyl is resistant to rot and other forms of moisture damage, but it isn’t waterproof. Trapped moisture between your siding and the interior walls can lead to rot or mold.

Excess moisture is another common siding problem, but it isn’t a problem for Alside’s Charter Oak Energy Elite Insulated Siding. The siding is 500% more breathable than other insulated siding systems, which means it doesn’t absorb or retain moisture.

Charter Oak

Charter Oak Energy Elite Insulated Siding is a good choice for homes in rainy areas. But if your home is located in an area frequented by storms, Alside’s flagship Charter Oak siding would be a better choice. Its TriBeam® design makes it resistant to extreme weather events. Independent testing even confirmed Charter Oak siding can withstand Category 5 hurricane-force winds.

To make sure you’ll get to enjoy all the benefits of Alside’s premium siding, only hire reputable siding contractors. Ask for references from friends and family, and look for contractors accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB assigns a rating to contractors based on their adherence to ethical business practices.

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