Left unattended, air and water window leaks can lead to higher power costs and even cause moisture damage to your home. Abby Windows and Exteriors, one of the top door replacement companies in the state, shows you how to find them below.

The Incense Smoke Trick 

Close all the windows, doors, and other openings in your home. Make sure the inside of your home is airtight. Light an incense stick near your doors and windows. The smoke should drift towards the air leaks—if there are any.

Pointing a Flashlight at Night

If you can’t close all the openings in your home, you can use a flashlight instead. At night, point the flashlight towards your windows and doors. Light should be able to pass through these holes, no matter how small they are. These holes can let in warm air and rainwater, raising your cooling costs and damaging your interior walls.

Inspecting the Locking Mechanism 

Still haven’t found the source of the leaks? Try checking your windows’ locking mechanism. Give the window frame a little shake to see if the frames are secure. A rattling noise means the window frame is loose and letting in warm air and rainwater.

A visual inspection of your windows can also be helpful. In particular, look for any cracks in the glass window panes or holes in the caulking and weather stripping near the window frames.

The same goes for your doors. Make sure the hinges are screwed tightly and there are no gaps in the facade or gaps in the weather stripping. Minor cracks and gaps can be easily fixed. But if the gaps and cracks are too wide, you may need to install new entry doors.

If you do decide to replace your windows or doors, only hire certified contractors. Installation errors can leave behind gaps that can let in rainwater and cool air out.

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