Replacement windows are more commonly referred as 'insert' or 'pocket' windows in the trade industry. While it seems simple enough, these terms can mean different things to different groups of homeowners. At All About Windows & Siding, we do not have a predetermined way of installing replacement windows; which is why we never provide quotes upfront or over the phone. Every home is different and we pride ourselves in explaining which method will work best for what you, the homeowner is trying to accomplish. We take time for this in preparation to ensure complete satisfaction after the install is complete.
  • Install the unit from the outside and insert up to the existing interior stops. This is the least labor-intensive of the three methods and is most useful for those with painted or stained interior woodwork that is in great condition. In this method, we will not replace any of the interior jamb or casing. If needed, we will install color matched stops as needed to ensure proper interior finish and seal.
  • Install the unit from the inside or outside and insert up to the finished drywall. By installing the window flush with the wall, we can re-use your existing casing or replace the casing with a new color matched casing that comes in multiple styles and lengths. The result is an updated look that is fresh, clean and easy to maintain. This method is most suitable for those who do not have finished interior jamb woodwork.
  • Install the unit from the outside and insert the unit 2-3 inches back of the finished wall. This allows the installation of interior color matched jambs and stops if needed. In this case, we often replace the casing as well so the windows, jamb, and casing are all the same color. While this method is the most labor-intensive of all installs, it is also very rewarding and the finished look adds depth to all window openings.