When choosing a company for home improvements, price comparison should be done based on the product, the services being provided, and the warranty. So often people buy on price and are unhappy with the product, install or need to have it replaced. They saved some money but the product lacked something the higher price product did not. We are a family owned and operated a company and don't pay out sales commissions. Our price reflects that as well. As for our products, we give you a lifetime glass breakage, parts, and labor warranty so you never have to pay for anything to be fixed again. The installation is turnkey and our installers are all professional finish carpenters. We pride ourselves on doing an outstanding job, especially when caulking a window which can be an eyesore if not done properly. Finally, when choosing vinyl windows, the parts, the glass packages, and the warranty should be the most important factor. I urge customers to make a spreadsheet of different parts and glass that one should want in a window. When you receive your estimates, check off each part of each company's window. This way, you won't get confused and all the information won't run together. Many times customers think all windows looks the same, so therefore they are the same which is simply untrue. I appreciate the opportunity to quote your job and you won't be sorry using my company. We are a professional, honest, hardworking company that strives for perfection and our windows speak for themselves. -Abby Binder, Owner