It’s one of the most commonly asked questions every winter. And our answer is always a resounding “Yes!” The only exception might be a freak storm of the century type scenario. In which case, we can simply reschedule after there’s time to shovel a path to your windows.

You might think having windows installed in the middle of winter will drop your indoor temperature to igloo territory. Actually, the time between removing your old window and putting a new one is only about 5 minutes…maybe 10 for a larger window. The opening is carefully measured before we order your window, then measured again. Once we have your old window out, it’s a pretty quick job to put the new one in.

Winter is typically the time when homeowners really notice the impact of an old, drafty window. Maybe you have the original single pane, wood-framed windows in your 1940s bungalow. You’ll be amazed at the difference even a modestly priced new vinyl window can make. Not only will your home stay warmer and you’ll spend less on energy, but you’ll also notice outside noises are filtered out.

We can also replace drafty old entrance doors during the winter. Or add a storm door—which is a great way to help add a layer of insulation to your entry. Get in touch with us about having us come out to give you a free, no-obligation estimate. Or come by our New Berlin showroom where you can see samples from all the window and door companies whose products we install.