If you have considered replacing or upgrading your windows, perhaps you have been introduced to energy-efficient ones. These are high-performance windows that help improve your home’s energy efficiency which includes controlling the utility bills. If you’re hesitating to have yours renewed, one of the trusted window companies in Wisconsin lists down reasons to convince you to update.

  • Energy savings. It has been proven that half of an average household’s annual utility costs are spent on heating and cooling systems alone. If you choose to get modern windows, you will be able to boost indoor comfort while being at ease with your monthly dues.

  • Less noise pollution. Window replacement companies note that high-quality windows have glass panes with inert gas within them to reduce sound transmission. Having energy-efficient windows with two or more panes is significantly helpful if you’re having trouble sleeping at night, or if you have kids living in a busy area.

  • Need less maintenance. It is worth noting that maintaining your old windows may require repainting with a new coating, and when spilled on the ground, could contribute to ground pollution. Fortunately, energy-efficient windows are fairly low-maintenance and need nothing beyond clean warm water to keep them dirt-free.

What Makes a Window Energy-Efficient?

There are a variety of components that make a window energy-efficient. These are low-E glass, gas fills, multiple panes, quality frame materials, and warm edge spacers.

  • Super spacer system. This system is created from 100% polymer structural foam that works to block the heat escape path and provide you with superior thermal performance.

  • Laminated glass. These windows are constructed with three panes of glass and work to block up to 99.97% of UV rays.

  • Argon gas. This is inserted into the open spaces to reduce noise and helps to reduce heat loss.

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