A roofing system is a combination of different parts that play a role in protecting your home. It’s not just the shingles that make up a roof; there are other components that deserve your attention, as well.

Roof and window companies understand the importance of keeping your roofing system healthy, as anything less than proper maintenance can affect not only the roof but the entire home. Two of the most important parts of your roof that you probably don’t pay much attention to are soffits and fascia.

What Are Soffits and Fascia?

Soffits and fascia are boards that seal up the edges where rafters end. The fascia boards are the ones you see under the shingles, facing outward. The soffits cover the bottoms of the rafter tails right under the roof overhangs. They are there to protect the edges of the roof from penetration by water and animals. They also play a huge part in making your home look great and in completing its thermal envelope.

Why Soffits and Fascia Should Not Be Neglected

Though they’re there for protection, soffits and fascia deteriorate and crumble over time due to exposure to heat and water. Heating and cooling can shorten the life of even vinyl soffits. Some animals and insects also like to destroy fascia and soffits to gain access to the interior of the home.

Damage to soffits and fascia may not worry you as much as missing or broken shingles, but you should understand that it’s an urgent situation, as well. With compromised soffits or fascia, pests can easily crawl into your roof and access your attic and different parts of your home. It would be easy for moisture to enter your home too. Window installation contractors might do at least a preliminary inspection of their client’s home to make sure the effectiveness of their windows isn’t compromised by broken parts of the roofing system or other areas of the home.

A pest infestation is a problem, and so are wet and dry rot and mold growth. Such issues often travel to the other wood parts of your roofing system, compromising its integrity. Soon, your walls, windows, ceilings, and other parts may be damaged too.

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