The installation of a bay window comes with a number of benefits.  Apart from adding dimension and appeal to your home, it also enables your interior to receive an ample amount of natural light.

In this article, Abby Windows & Exteriors, one of the most trusted window companies in the area, lists a few things you should check if you’re thinking of installing a bay window.

Decide on the Size of Your Bay Window

If you are replacing an old window, you might want to keep the same size or go with a smaller bay window. This will make the installation simpler and cheaper.

Choose From Different Bay Styles

There are different types of bay styles that you can choose from. The most common styles are the angled bay window and the boxed bay window. In an angled bay window, the window protrudes from your home and slants back at a 30-45 degree angle towards the wall. In a boxed bay window, the window is basically square with the side sash angled at 90 degrees. If you’re unsure what bay style to adopt, you can always consult window installation contractors like us.

Select a Sash Type That Matches the Rest of Your Home

A general rule of thumb is to match the bay sash to the other windows in your home. This way, your interior and exterior can have a cohesive look. But if you have bold ideas for your bay window, feel free to choose a different type of sash. Remember there are no strict rules in this regard.

Check if Your Home Has Eaves

Your bay window should be tucked underneath an eave. If your home has no eaves or roof overhangs, your contractor may need to build a small roof or skirt over where you plan to install your bay window.

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