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Replacing Windows in Milwaukee to Increase Efficiency

Older windows are notorious energy wasters. When you compare drafty, single-pane windows with today’s energy efficient models, there’s really no comparison. If you live in an area where heating or cooling costs are a significant concern, replacing windows is a sure way to keep the air you want inside and the air you don’t want outdoors where it belongs.

When shopping for energy-efficient windows, pick a frame material and construction for superior thermal performance. Consider glazing layers, low e-coatings, fill gases, and the NFRC rating system when choosing new windows. Though the initial expense will be higher, opting for higher quality windows is the way to go if you want to really see the savings. Remember, even the best window will only be as good as its installation; take the time to talk to multiple contractors to find one that you feel comfortable with. To be extra certain you’re getting a quality installation, ask for references; you may even be able to go and see some of the contractor’s previous work in person.

Good Candidates for Window Replacement Waukesha

If your energy bills are higher than you think they should be or higher than you wish they were, window replacement can considerably lower your bills, not to mention beautify your home. If your current windows don’t operate easily, are painted shut, or are otherwise broken or problematic, there’s a good chance that you could benefit from installing new windows.

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