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Vinyl siding was the most popular choice for new Milwaukee home exteriors in 2010 — the 16th straight year vinyl has been No. 1, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. 70% of the Midwest market including Milwaukee is dominated by Vinyl Siding. When choosing a vinyl siding panel, the thickness of the panel is the most important part. When comparing panels, we recommend only a .046 gauge or higher. .040-.044 panels are a lower grade panel which can look wavy on your home. Our Milwaukee vinyl siding installation specialists offer two types of high quality and affordable vinyl siding- hollowback and insulated siding panels. Both are beautiful, durable options. These vinyl siding options are energy efficient when properly installed by our Milwaukee replacement siding installers.

Our Milwaukee home siding installers are professional, experienced, efficient and thorough. We can install your siding with a variety of underlayment options. Some of our Milwaukee replacement siding installation customers prefer a Tyvek type housewrap, where others are more concerned with attaining a higher R-value. After this is complete, we install an extruded polystyrene sheet of insulation prior to installing the hollowback siding. Our Milwaukee siding installation experts always use steel starter strips on the bottom of your home and j-channel around all windows, doors and trim as needed. We use j-blocks made specifically for light fixtures, dryer vents, water spouts and electrical outlets. ABBY Windows can accent your home siding by adding another color to your corner posts (which are available in wider widths too), gable vents or aluminum trim.

BEST Insulated Vinyl Siding in Milwaukee: PRESERVATION INTEGRA

Preservation Integra insulated solid core siding is a siding panel which has insulation attached to the back of it. This type of siding is superior to other brands of insulated vinyl siding because it has SmartCORE insulation and a smart track system which creates the ultimate moisture management system. The SmartCORE insulation breathes naturally. The moisture vapor evaporates as it passes through the panel. The SmartTrack system is specifically designed with ridges to create an air space for ventilation, allowing moisture to evaporate. Any excess moisture is guided out through the engineered channels. Integra is a type of insulated siding certified by the National Green Building Program. Our Milwaukee siding installation experts offer this premium panel in 6”, 7” or 5″ dutch lap design. We also provide 20 siding colors along with a no-nonsense lifetime siding warranty. The wind resistance of Integra withstands up to 200mph. It reduces noise by 45%. The R-value is up to a 4.0. Many of our Milwaukee area siding installation customers choose this type of insulated siding for its superior quality and innovative technology.

The Best Vinyl Siding for Waukesha Homes: Alside Charter Oak 

Alside Charter Oak Premium Vinyl Siding by Alside features Weather Warrior Technology. This proprietary system is a combination of some of the most effective technologies in the industry, including a premium .046 thickness, Reverse Roll-Over Nail Hem, Triple Bow Locking System and “Spring-Loaded” Profile for strength, rigidity and wind resistance up to 225 mph. Also included in Weather Warrior is color-through technology, which embeds color throughout the siding to protect against UV rays, heat buildup, and to hide unsightly nicks and scratches. This premium panel is available in 19 colors and three styles, including Double 4.5″ Traditional Lap and Double 4.5 Dutch Lap in standard 12’ lengths and longer 16’ 8” lengths to minimize the look of seams on your Milwaukee home. Alside Charter Oak Premium Vinyl Siding mimics the look of natural split cedar yet requires little to no maintenance. It also comes with a competitive Limited Lifetime Warranty that includes fade coverage to ensure customer satisfaction.

To learn more about Alside siding for your home in Milwaukee, visit the alside website