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Every exterior home renovation is unique and Abby Windows treats your home as though it were our own.  We use installers that are at the top of their craft to ensure that every detail is considered.  

Our process when you work with Abby Windows begins with safety.  If your home is built prior to 1975, we will need to use lead safe techniques just prior to install.  This doesn’t require anything from the homeowner, but you will see caution tape, tarps, and other equipment in our workspace in order to maintain a safe environment.  This usually only adds a few hours to your renovation.

POCKET INSTALL / INSERT: A pocket fit installation replaces the existing sashes of a window with a new one.  Interior trim and casing are generally not replaced with this method but the outside is usually wrapped in aluminum trim.

A pocket install is used when the home’s current window frame is in good condition and can be reused, the new window is placed inside the current frame.  Some homeowners opt for this in order to keep historic woodwork intact or if only a few windows are being replaced and the homeowner does not want to change the look of the windows.  

UPSIDE: Pocket install is typically a shorter process and more cost effective.  

DOWNSIDE: Pocket fit can only be used if the frame is not rotted or damaged in any way.  Additionally, it can be hard to tell if there is rotting or damage on the inside of the frame without taking it out.  Our team can help asses whether or not a pocket install will work for your windows.  


FULL FRAME INSTALL: A full frame “tearout” is when the entire window will be removed and replaced including interior and exterior casing and trim.  This allows window specialists to address more issues than a pocket fit.  The window’s original size is maintained because the new window isn’t fitting inside the old frame.  Full frame tearout also addresses rot, water damage, or other issues with the frame.  Additionally, full frame tearout allows for additional insulation of the frame and surrounding wall.

UPSIDE: Energy and damage concerns are addressed more completely with a full frame tearout.   Full frame tearout also allows for more customization of the window’s aesthetic.

DOWNSIDE: Full frame installs are typically more expensive than a pocket fit and the projects are slightly longer.  

No doubt about it, home improvement projects can be nerve-wracking. Besides the cost issues you’re wrestling with, you’re probably concerned about how long the work will take, whether the job will be done to your satisfaction, and a million other things that cross your mind when you’re lying awake at 2am.

Relax. Abby Windows has won both local and national recognition for doing quality work with quality products. Our installers have extensive experience with window, door and siding installations, and Abby herself puts her name on every job. We don’t try to sell you on unnecessary extras, preferring instead to provide exceptional value and honest service to all our customers. Not surprisingly, most of our business is word of mouth.


Abby Windows only sells windows that we have ourselves in our own homes. The windows we offer are all excellent products that have been proven in the harsh weather extremes common to Wisconsin. We take great pride in our installation work and our excellent reputation as one of Milwaukee’s best window installation companies.

An Abby Windows representative will visit your property after an appointment has been set for a specific time on a specific day. The meeting should not last longer than one hour and we will leave a written proposal for your consideration.

You will NOT be pressured to buy at the time the proposal is written or at any time thereafter. We appreciate the opportunity to provide you with our quote. The price presented in your proposal will be honored for a minimum of 30 days.

Please remove all framed photos, artwork and other breakable items from the interior walls of your house as your walls will shake from the pounding outside. Please do not return these items until the entire project has been completed.

Take any photos, artwork or other items that can be damaged off of your walls, as they can easily fall off with the pounding that will occur on your outside walls. Also, please move all furniture near your windows and doors away from the construction area to prevent any damage or sawdust getting on them. Abby Windows will cover floors with drop cloths.

Depending on the number of windows, doors, or amount of new lumber being installed, there can be excessive dust in the air. We advise covering your beds, sofas and furniture with old sheets to protect them from any dust caused by installation.

Upon completion of your project, please pay your installer the balance indicated on your statement. Checks should be made payable to Abby Windows. If you are not home during installation, please let the installer know where you will be leaving the check.

Within one week of job completion and payment, you will receive a thank you packet consisting of a lien waiver, warranty activation number, window cleaning card, and exit interview.

We would very much appreciate if you would leave your job sign in your yard for two weeks following installation. If this is an inconvenience and you would prefer not to have a job sign in your yard, please notify the installer. Your job sign will be picked up from your yard two weeks after job is completed.

Our installers have extensive experience installing replacement windows and have been certified as an InstallationMaster by the InstallationMasters Institute.

Your windows will be installed approximately 8-12 weeks after signing your contract. The lead time varies based on the time of year. We do install windows year round!

Our installer will arrive at your home within a two hour window that will be given thorugh email. If you are scheduled for a morning appointment, they usually arrive between 8:30-10:30. You may make arrangements for the installer to get into your home if you cannot be home. You do not need to be home for us to install your windows. Abby Windows is state licensed and insured, so you are protected whether you are home during installation or not.

Please ask your installer at time of measure if blinds and curtains need to be removed from windows and doors prior to installation. If the blinds are attached to your current window, you may not be able to reuse them. We recommend also speaking to your sales representative regarding blinds installed on a bay or a bow window, as those may not be reusable. Abby Windows is not responsible for damage caused to blinds that are not removed from the windows prior to installation. You will be responsible for re-attaching blinds following installation.

We ask for a down payment at the time the contract is signed, with full payment upon completion of the project. We accept Visa and MasterCard, and we do offer financing through Synchrony Financial. We have options for 18 months with 0% interest or longterm with interest financing. Ask our Sales Team for more info.

Please contact our office at (414) 436-2229  with any questions you may have. You may also contact us via our email contact form.


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