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Why Insulate Your Attic:

You’re heating bills are high and you’re looking for a way to keep energy and heat from escaping your home. Perhaps you’ve even had an energy audit that has recommended that you re-insulate your entire home.

One way to begin the process of conserving energy in your home is to start from the top down. In fact, adding insulation to the attic can be the single most important factor in keeping the heat where it belongs: inside your house.

By putting an impermeable “lid” on your home you can keep rising heat from escaping through your attic and roofing. The best part is that most insulation for attics can be started and completed in one day whereas re-insulating an entire home that already has wallboards up can take much longer.

Here’s an interesting trick that you can try sometime in your own neighborhood. Take a look at the snow on the roofs of the houses around you. Notice that some homes have more snow sitting on top of the roof than others? Homes with all of the snow melted on the roof have heat escaping through their attics. When there is enough heat escaping to melt the snow on the roof of your home that means a lot of heat (and money) are leaving your house!

What Abby Windows and Exteriors Insulates


Tired of ice damns, hot attics, or cold and damp basements? Spray foam insulation has many benefits, including reducing air leakage and providing protection from moisture damage, condensation, mold and bacterial growth, commonly found in these areas.